Crepes in Paris 

French cuisine is my absolute favourite cuisine and eating is always a highlight of my trips to France. At the start of my ‘vac’ (uni speak for vacation), I went to Paris to spend a few days chilling with some of my friends who are currently living there. Now Paris is certainly not the cheapest city for a student so I was not about to eat the most expensive meals but luckily Google was there to help me with searches for ‘best cheap food in Paris’.


One name that kept coming up was ‘Au P’tit Grec’. Meaning ‘At the little Greek’, this crepe place is located in the east side of the 5th arrondissement, not too far from Sorbonne University or from the Luxembourg Gardens (in Paris, for those who don’t know, the boroughs, or ‘neighbourhoods’ if you’re American, are numbered in a spiral, with the 1st arrondissement being in the centre). Following Citymapper, (#lifesaver) I departed from my walk around French Revolution sites (#historynerd) to find what I now thought would be unmissable crepes. I was not wrong.


Au P’tit Grec is on a very gorgeous road in a lovely area of the 5th that I had never walked around. The tall Parisian architecture that lined this narrow road almost made me feel like I was walking down roads in a medieval fortress and it was so lovely and peaceful to walk away from the crowds of the touristy areas of the city. The shop itself lies down the road from a lovely square, along a portion of the street full of kebab shops and other small crepe places, from where you can buy snacks and small meals through windows. Au P’tit Grec stood out to me, being slightly bigger and having a few people gathered around it outside on the streets.

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It has very few tables inside and is not really a restaurant at all. As much as I love cheese chips when drunk, if I lived in Paris I would eat a crepe after every night out, and I like to think of this style of creperie as the Parisian, much classier, more wholesome, more nutritious and (some might say) more delicious alternative to British kebab shops.

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The price of the crepes was also very appealing and I immediately regretted paying the same for a mediocre sandwich 20 minutes earlier. €2.50 bought me my dessert, however, and having watched it being quickly made for me,  I was soon tucking into an absolutely delicious Nutella crepe.

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There is nothing I hate more than when you order a crepe that comes with not-quite-enough filling but I can assure you that this was not a problem that I experienced. Nutella can often be too rich and filling, I find, leaving you thirsty and with a very dry mouth but the ratio of mixture to filling here was perfect.


On a student budget, it was definitely, definitely, worth the small trek to P’tit Grec for these crepes, which were much better than what I would have bought from any random crepe-selling-window elsewhere in the city. For the price, the walk, and the food, I cannot recommend this place enough.


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