The Smiths Bakery in Paris

On my last day in the city, my friend and I just wanted to meet quickly for a coffee and a pastry yet perhaps surprisingly for Paris, it was actually very difficult to find a not too overpriced patisserie or bakery for us to sit at.   Luckily, a search on my BFF Google delivered... Continue Reading →

L’As du Fallafel à Paris

The Marais, in my opinion, is one of the loveliest places to walk around in Paris. As with anywhere else in the city, the architecture is gorgeous but there the shops are also exactly the sorts that I like– a mix between well-known clothes and makeup brands and smaller jewellery shops.   The first time... Continue Reading →

Crepes in Paris 

French cuisine is my absolute favourite cuisine and eating is always a highlight of my trips to France. At the start of my 'vac' (uni speak for vacation), I went to Paris to spend a few days chilling with some of my friends who are currently living there. Now Paris is certainly not the cheapest... Continue Reading →

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